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Summer Camp 2020

Let’s make this summer a one to remember for your child!

At Building Kidz School’s Summer Camp, we believe this is the best season to be loud, be proud, and have fun while learning something new.

Our daily schedule for this season has been designed by experienced educators with blocks for fun and hands-on activities that incorporate multiple learning concepts.

Our summer camp programming is organized around weekly themes that link concepts from math, science, leadership, history, physical education, and public speaking to real life. But most importantly, our camps are small so that kids can build relationships with their new camp pals and take back positive memories and esteem to start their post-summer school year with delight!

Our summer camp staff are all trained and full of energy to conduct an engaging day. Their goal is to make sure that kids leave camp excited to come back the next day and happy from tackling hands-on projects, having a blast during fun games and tournaments, and singing silly songs! 


Our summer camps are designed to be 5 blocks, each two (2) weeks in length. There is no repeat programming across any of the camps, so parents can choose a 2-week, 4-week, 6-week, 8-week, or 10-week journey without worrying about anyone getting bored!

Each block consists of two interrelated themes, one for each of the two weeks within the block.

Birthday Games

Summer Block 1

(June 8 to June 19)

Week 1: Racing

This is a fun-filled week for our campers, as they build various types of race tracks using different objects and techniques. Learn concepts of science, team building, endurance, and confidence. Wrap up the week with a fun ending to the finish line!

Week 2: Sporty Good Times

Learn about the history of the Olympics, design victory wreaths and medals, and work on art projects inspired by Greek Mythology. Investigate the science behind athletes and their equipment as you engage in multiple sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, and build art projects. Light your torch and prove your mettle at the most innovative summer games in history.

Building a Robot

Summer Block 2

(June 22 to July 3)

Week 1: Extraordinary Engineers

This week campers will participate in hands-on and collaborative design challenges that will call upon their creativity and critical thinking skills. Teams will utilize the engineering design process as they work to build a few of our favorites such as parachutes, catapults, tilting towers and more! Prepare for your engineer to be challenged to think about the world in a different way throughout this exciting week.

Week 2: Builder’s Workshop

Our young builders will spend their time building cars, rockets, or cities among many things while building self-esteem and confidence. Working with their hands with parts that can be picked up at any home improvement store makes it official. These fun activities will help with understanding concepts in math and geometry and an introduction to engineering.

Kids Playing Volleyball

Summer Block 3

(July 6 to July 17)

Week 1: Fun and Fitness

This week created many challenging activities designed to promote self-confidence and build trust. Get your campers exposed to new sports and fitness training, all done in a fun and supportive atmosphere. It is never too early to get them thinking about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Sports and fitness promote strong emotional well being and encourage teamwork.

Week 2: Leader’s Quest

Leaders tap into their passions in order to make the world a better place. This week we focus on identifying every child’s passion and channel it into something tangible. Leadership activities are designed to encourage students to explore their own values, grow their confidence in group settings, work as a team, and pursue what they care most about.

Science Courses

Summer Block 4

(July 20 to July 31)

Week 1: Inventor’s Workshop

Calling all our budding inventors! Campers will participate in creative challenges each day that will help them flex their creative and entrepreneurial muscles.

Week 2: Science & Technology

This week we engage the inherent curiosity of our young friends and encourage flexible thinking. With engaging, kinesthetic projects spearheaded by our campers, they have the time and environment to put their natural and learned science skills to the test in a way that is entirely different from the STEM curriculum at schools.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Summer Block 5

(Aug 3 to Aug 14)

Week 1: International Expedition

Enjoy a week of exploration, history, art, and music by taking off on a virtual International Expedition. Your campers will learn all about European nations and their history through projects and games. They will visit places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, and Coliseum in Rome.

Week 2: Daring Detectives

Our Daring Detectives will learn how to find evidence, uncover clues, and follow their hunches during this mystery-filled week of camp. Through hands-on projects like deciphering codes, invisible ink, scavenger hunts, and "interrogating" the witnesses, your super sleuth will use their skills of deduction to solve some silly crimes!