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I was looking for the right fit for my "handful of a four year old" for her transition before going into kindergarten.. and WOW.. what a great fit.. The staff was so welcoming and made us feel like family immediately. My daughter was comfortable and is ready for her TK class..I would highly recommend this place..

Geriyln S.

San Jose, CA

This is the first and only preschool where my 2-yr old has been, so I do not have many reference points, but here are my thoughts thus far. My daughter turned 2 in December and started part-time at Early Discoveries a month after her birthday. She loved it from day 1 - we never had any issues with the drop off, although that probably has to do with her outgoing personality.

The school is fairly clean (I am never totally satisfied, but I am slightly OC, so there), the teachers are pleasant. My kid seems happy and looks forward to going there to play with her friends.

The price is also right although the meals could be a tad healthier (hence 4 stars). I had some issues with security but they just build new fence and now I am very much at peace. The program is interesting, the backyard is huge, there are pets that kids help take care of. A solid, solid place, imo.

Irene P.

San Jose, CA

I love Miss Lisa at Early Discoveries. She's passionate about early childhood and giving children what they need to naturally and safely learn, explore, and grow. She's a very experienced and capable director and teacher.

The school is young, so their staff is young as well, but they seem lovely and the children adore them.  My 4 year old attended and I can't wait for my baby to start in February!

Lily B.

San Jose, CA

I can not say enough about Early Discoveries CDC. We started here when they first opened and we love this school! My son was totally potty trained within the first week. The teachers are caring and treat each child with respect. Not only is it a learning environment, but a place to grow and play. Everyday when we wake up, my son asks if we are going to preschool and what day it is. He is excited to be there every time. My son will go onto kindergarten next year and I know he will have a hard time saying good bye. Thank you Early Discoveries, you have made a difference in our lives! Tina Walters & family

Tina W.

San Jose, CA

My son has been here for almost two years and I can't imagine a better environment for him to play and learn in. I am now a teacher but spent many years directing preschool programs so I was extremely selective when finding a quality childcare setting for my own son. Early Discoveries meets all my requirements and more importantly, makes my son happy! His social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs are met on a daily basis.  I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone.

Tirzah L.

San Jose, CA

We found EDCDC just before my son turned 2. I am SO glad we did. His years there (year-round, until after he was 5) were absolutely crucial to his current successes, as growing up in a dual income family with Silicon Valley working hours can take a serious toll. Ms Lisa, Ms Michelle, and everyone else at Early Discoveries made my son's life so happy, and he's grown into an extremely empathetic child as a result. They taught him that he can do anything he puts his mind to, and they also taught him how to decide if it's a good choice. They helped potty train him, and they also taught him to let kids who are still learning go first. They taught him basic Spanish, and they taught him to respect others, no matter what language they speak.

While he was at EDCDC, his confidence in himself grew leaps and bounds, and since he's transferred to a public Kindergarten he's been helping other children learn to add and subtract, sound out letters, and to believe in themselves. He actually got a card from one of his classmates, saying that he was awesome, and that he should always be himself, because who he is is great. I don't think that would have happened if it hadn't been for the compassionate, caring, formative years at EDCDC. 

Alix P.

San Jose, CA

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Both of my kids have attended Early Discoveries for the past 2 years. My daughter started in the 3's, then attended the 4's class, and is now in the Kinder class. My son started in the infant class and is now in the 3's. 

Here are some things we love about the school:
-The school is play-based and focuses on developmentally appropriate learning. As a behavior consultant, I have spent time in several preschools that force academics on very young children, which is neither developmentally appropriate nor effective, and can even be harmful as children can learn to dislike school. I have also visited schools that were the opposite -- no structure, allowing kids to do whatever they want all day. EDCDC is a good balance. They have circle time, art projects, classroom centers (depending on the age), but they also spend a lot of time playing and forming very strong friendships with their peers. The philosophy appears to be that children learn best through play and through hands-on experiences. For anyone wondering how kids do when they transition from play-based classrooms to kindergarten, my daughter is 3/4 of the way through kinder year (technically TK for her) and she is independently reading chapter books (by choice!) and doing double digit addition. 

-There is a strong emphasis on giving the kids new and different experiences. There are field trips, cooking projects, gardening activities, music class, and class pets. The staff organize holiday parades, egg hunts, mothers and fathers day events, all-school barbecues, and more. They have a "Turn off the TV week" with different activities every evening. Last year these included a science night and a reptile show. One added perk of these activities is getting to see the same parents repeatedly. We made several friends with parents from my daughter's preschool class and our kids still get together frequently even though they've all gone off to kindergarten. Most of the parents here are very friendly and not pretentious. 

-Probably the biggest positive for us is the quality of the teachers. The school has several very strong teachers, and my kids love and adore them. They beg for them to come babysit on the weekends. My son even has Adidas shoes like his teacher and he calls them "Miss Janet shoes." The teachers work very hard and have consistently gone above and beyond to individualize and work with my kids. For example, my son had trouble napping independently in the infant class, and they really worked with him and did what worked best for him. The teachers also move up with the kids as they go from class to class. I feel so relieved that I can feel comfortable and safe dropping my kids off with their favorite people in the morning. 

Parents have all different preferences regarding schools for their kids, but as an educator (and a bit of a helicopter mom) I am pretty picky. I am so happy that we have had EDCDC for my kids' preschool years!

Heather F.

San Jose, CA

We have two kids in Early Discoveries from the past 3 years, and have been very grateful for the experience! What has stood out for us has been the  love and dedication shown by the teachers, and the owners, Lisa and Alan. Our kids have advanced very well academically - reading chapter books by kinder, writing comfortably, and  learning basic  math, all while enjoying a casual, play-based environment. The class size, especially in the kinder room, is very small and the kids get a lot of individual attention. The teachers make an effort to meet each kid at their individual academic and social level,and work with them. There are numerous field trips, and almost daily visits to the park next door (for Kinder kids),which we are sure to miss as the kids move on to elementary school. This school has been a book for working parents - they  rarely close down for weeks at a time,  and provide lunch and snack on campus. Our kids treat their friends at school as siblings, and are sure to miss this environment as they move on to elementary school.

Vidya V.

San Jose, CA

We have two children that attend Early Discoveries. Our little one is 2 years old and started in the infant room and now is with the 2 year old class. Our older boy went there for 3 years and then went on to Farnham elementary. He does currently attend ED after school program.

We are really happy with Early Discoveries and how our little ones are growing up. Our son had just turned 5 when starting Farnham. We were worried he was too young for kinder, but half a year has passed and he is doing great academically and socially. We believe Early Discoveries played a big part in helping him reach the next level of schooling.

Our 2 year old daughter is talking up a storm and taking on life with a sense of curiousness and adventure. She is surprising us everyday with all the words and songs she is learning.  

There are 3 or 4 schools on this campus. I have nothing bad to say about them. Each school has a different philosophy. Early discoveries is the right fit for our family. The teachers are awesome and you will get a genuine feel for who they really are on the 1st visit.

Brian E.

San Jose, CA

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