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childrens music class after school program

Music Class

(included in tuition)

Music activates all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Music exposure during early development helps children learn the sounds and meanings of words which increases memory skills. Dancing to music helps children promote gross motor skills. In addition to the other benefits of music, it also provides them with happiness.

tumbing class after schol program

Tumbling Class

(included in tuition)

By offering the children the opportunity to participate in structured physical activities, it helps them increase their flexibility and muscle memory. It gives them the opportunity to challenge their coordination and follow directions. Tumbling also helps them with developing gross motor skills in a small group environment.

spanish class after schol program

Spanish Class

(included in tuition)

Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide and is expected to be 600 million by 2050. Learning another language can help them understand their native language better as well. Teaching Spanish cannot only help with understanding another language but also another culture.

We incorporate Spanish lessons with our weekly lesson plans. We use songs, words, commands and objects for children to better understand Spanish and its culture.