Your child's third year is


an incredible and unique time of development. The guidance they receive at this age shapes their future developmental processes.  Each child is different and special and each new day brings new experiences and challenges.  Early Discoveries CDC is aware of each child’s stage of development and provides a classroom that respects all children’s needs, interests, and growth.

In the 3 year old rooms, children will be learning cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, environmentally individually, and independently through hands-on experiences and guided learning.  Since children’s knowledge is socially constructed, our teachers encourage and shape meaningful experiences and lessons that are based on the capabilities and readiness of the students, including their interests and backgrounds.  At Early Discoveries CDC we focus on the process and not the product when it comes to children’s work. We challenge children to do their best while making sure to promote cooperation over competition in order to send the message that every child is valuable and capable.

The children practice self-help skills including toileting, hand washing, putting on their coats, picking up their toys and sharing with their friends.

Giving children the chance to construct their own knowledge fosters the building of self-efficacy, which is crucial because it gives children the confidence to initiate new tasks and discover new abilities. As children overcome more obstacles, through their own desires and on their own terms, they begin to establish an intrinsic motivation for learning.

At Early Discoveries CDC, our teachers create an environment that is safe and inviting and includes materials that are diverse and culturally representative of the individuals in the class and in the community.

When children see themselves being represented in the classroom, their identity is strengthened and they feel a sense of belonging, both of which attribute to the creation of a positive self-esteem.  Guidance is used over discipline and positive alternatives such as redirection and discussion are used to resolve conflicts.



The 3 year old curriculum is based on the High Scope philosophy.  This means that the developing interests of the children, and the developmentally appropriate learning standards, will be the basis of topics introduced throughout the year.  The goal will be to provide activities, materials and experiences that are not only interesting, but also relative to needs and developmental level.  Using a theme-based approach, our curriculum will focus on the integration of every child’s developing areas including their cognitive, socio-emotional, language, and physical domains.



  • Graphing, Classifying & Sorting: children with Velcro shoes go into the playground. As a group filling in a bar graph of how you got to school today

  • Addition, subtraction: singing finger plays, setting the tables for lunch

  • Shapes and colors: pointing to objects on a flannel board and describing their attributes

  • Pattern Recognition: stringing beads, creating art with different shapes and colors

  • Sequencing: retelling a story using stories pictures

Social Science


  • Cooperation: working on an art mural together,

  • Socially acceptable ways to express needs, concerns and fears

  • Diversity: Talking about different cultures, families and communities

  • Positive self-concept: talking about their finished picture, acting out their dictated story


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3-4 years
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  • Compare and Contrast: adding water to dry sand to see how it changes

  • Chemical Reactions: mixing cookies and then baking them

  • Cause-and-effect: seeing how high they can build before the blocks fall

  • Natural Surroundings: collecting leaves, other natural materials

  • The Five Senses: smelling & testing food, taking a listening walk

  • Tempo and Pitch: changing dancing or clapping to shifts in tempo or beat, experimenting with sound



  • Vocabulary: listening to stories, objects labeled, shared reading

  • Phonemic awareness: singing a song and rhyming

  • Pre-Writing skills: tracing, connecting words with pictures

  • Letter and Number Recognition: creating lists, symbols calendar

Our primary goal in the 3 year old classroom is to promote life-long learning for every child!

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